St Clair OOSH is a purpose built facility on an acre of land opposite the shopping centre in the heart of St Clair. We have sufficient parking in our car park and a bus stop conveniently located at the front of the centre. There are three separate indoor areas that allow us to break into smaller groups to do different activities or to allow children to be separated into their own age groups. All rooms are air conditioned. There are two awnings that allow shelter from the sun and rain.

We aim to cater appropriately for all ages. We recognise the needs of a kindergarten child are different from those in sixth grade. Children are divided into three age groups for afternoon tea and age appropriate discussions, such as tool box time, before they can go to their chosen activity for the afternoon that may be open to all ages. Children are given their own space and a regular age appropriate program caters to their older needs.

One of our great assets is the size of our outdoor play area. There is a field for playing active games, play equipment, a swing set, a half basketball court for shooting some hoops and two handball courts. There are smaller grassy areas that allow for quieter outdoor games too. Our Gardening Club are working on the planting areas around the centre to add colour and grow some vegetables as they develop their green thumbs.

St Clair OOSH Philosophy

RELATIONSHIPS between St Clair OOSH, the children in our care and their families are at the very core of why we exist.


St Clair OOSH management and educators respect the variety of family structures that we serve in the St Clair community.


Children thrive in an environment that stimulates learning and growth.


St Clair OOSH management believes that God is love and we are called to show God’s love to the St Clair community by caring for children and families of the service.


At St Clair OOSH we are committed to the continuous improvement of the service to our community in every area.


St Clair OOSH aims to encourage children to explore all the benefits that technology brings, while acknowledging that children must be kept safe from the worst of the information freely available on the internet.


At St Clair OOSH Educators strive to make every child feel included and accepted as they learn and play.


St Clair OOSH aims to provide opportunities for every child. All children need to experience an optimistic outlook and a sense of fun – we want to encourage children to expect success.


When children feel safe, secure and respected they realise that they are valued members of the St Clair OOSH family. We aim to build respectful and trusting relationships.


At St Clair OOSH Educators are committed to reducing, reusing, recycling in as many ways as possible to be role models for our children, families and the community.


St Clair OOSH understands that to grow into a strong, independent person a child needs a holistic approach to their physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.


St Clair OOSH seeks out opportunities to involve families in the service as parents are the primary caregivers and offer a greater understanding into the children in our care.


St Clair OOSH believes strongly in the importance of learning through play and scaffolding activities to cultivate children’s development.


St Clair OOSH values the importance of qualified and experienced educators and aims to keep all staff up to date with current child safety regulations.